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AFRAN is a new generation company, which is specialized in electrostatic powder paint and wet paint sector and has reached a leading position in the design and production of these products. Our company, having a large product range, proved itself with its original projects and economic products which are presented to the customers both in the Turkish market and abroad. Our experienced AR-GE team has aimed for the satisfaction of the customers and constant emprovement by producing all the equipment needed by the sector, cheaper and with better quality within the scope of Total Quality Management in every stage of production. Our company implements our customers with an optimal and economical price policy, by performing cost analysis for them.

It is the main philosophy of Our Company to produce while taking all demands and expectations of our customers into consideration.


Reliability is the Single Reason for Authorization and Leadership in the Sector.


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Our Company, has proven itself at home and aborad.

AFRAN is a new generation company specialized in electrostatic powder coating and wet paint sector and has reached a leading position in the design and production of these products. Our company has a great range of products being offered by the original project together with customers both in Turkey and abroad has proven itself in the market with affordable products as well.

Our experienced R & D team aims to improve customer satisfaction and continuous improvement by producing cheap quality products within the scope of Total Quality Management. Our company makes cost analysis for our customers and applies the most appropriate and economic price policy to them.

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What is Electrostatic Powder Coating?

Electrostatic powder coating is a solvent free surface coating method. The coating material is very fine powder coating particles that form the topcoat layer. Powder paint is sprayed in the paint booth by means of special spray guns. While passing through the gun, electrostatic charged powder paint particles adhere to the material to be painted in the cabinet and the coating process is realized.

Why Electrostatic Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a completely dry coating system. It consists of electrically charged ground resin, pigment and other raw material particles and is sprayed on the objects to be painted.

Cleaning and Pretreatment

In order to obtain excellent results from the painting process, the part to be painted must be cleaned and pretreated. Asidek cleaners give good results for inorganic impurities, alkali cleaners are more suitable for organic impurities. For other organic impurities, degreasing chemicals are used.

Paint Application

It is carried out by means of electrostatic gun. There are two types of pistols, corona and tribo. Corona type gun is electrostatically charged with a high-voltage electrode at the tip of the gun when leaving the powder on the gun. Since the part to be painted is grounded, the electrostatic charged paint easily adheres to the part. In these cases, tribo type guns are used. In this type of gun, the paint is loaded with positive charge only by friction without applying high voltage.


The powder applied part is put into the ovens. At this stage, the part is exposed to the time and temperature given in the properties of the paint. At this temperature, the paint first melts and forms a flat surface, then cures. At the end of this period, the painting process is completed after the part is removed from the oven. Powder Coating products usually cure at 200 degrees in 10 minutes. However, the 10-minute period mentioned here starts after the part reaches 200 degrees.

It is our first priority to meet the needs of our customer base on time by preparing quality projects worthy of our leadership in the sector.

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